Microsoft's most important announcements from E3

Microsoft's Xbox has been on a roll lately. If anything they stole the show at E3, releasing some long awaited features (such as Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility) and some new and exciting tech. Below are some of the most important announcements.

Xbox One will play 360 games

Yes, that's right the Xbox One will finally be able to play (at least some) of your favorite Xbox 360 titles.

New Xbox Elite Controller

Xbox released a highly customizable controller geared toward professional gamers, and it's modular.


Halo got some love with upgraded graphics and pretty big expansions.


HoloLens <3 Minecraft

Microsoft has been getting pretty serious about Virtual Reality. First partnering with Oculus to give users the ability to stream games to the headset and also making it compatible with Windows 10. At E3 we learned more about Microsoft's own HoloLens, and it's tight integration with Minecraft.