SpaceX will try to land a rocket (again) this Sunday


We reported on SpaceX's attempt to land a rocket from space back in April. They didn't quite land the thing, but they got pretty darn close! Here's to hoping they nail it this time.


On Sunday June 28th, SpaceX will try again. The last attempt ended up in flames but only caused minor damage to the drone ship "Just Read the Instructions". Even so, CEO Elon Musk said tomorrow's attempt will employ a new drone ship dubbed: "Of Course I Still Love You", both names come from a sci-fi novel by Iain M. Banks.

SpaceX really wants to land this next rocket so it's taking a long, hard look at past mistakes. In light of this they have published a post on their website explaining the details of the Falcon 9's design and a review of its past mistakes. 

If the weather holds, the flight should take place around 10:20AM Sunday morning.