Finally, a 3D printed car you can brag about.


3D printed cars—generally, are a novelty. That's not to say they haven't been made before. In-fact not too long ago a company called Local Motors 3D printed an entire car, live, with it's (magic) 3D printer.

The result was a quirky car that looked like a glorified golf-cart, it did however, work perfectly fine and that's the whole point isn't it? It was certainly a great feat of engineering, and a great proof-of-concept. Is it a car that you would go out of your way to buy though? Probably not. Enter the Blade. 

The Blade is the brainchild of automotive designer, Kevin Czinger. It is a 3D printed super-car that has the looks to match.  


"Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars. The problem is that while these cars do now exist, the actual manufacturing of them is anything but environmentally friendly." 

said Czinger.  

Czinger's company, Divergent Microfactories is based in San-Francisco. It's mission, to create a super-car that looks good, performs well and is 100% green.  

The Blade will do 0-60 in about two seconds (that's fast!).  

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