The iPhone 6-S is coming. Here's a list of rumored features. (Updated)

Do you feel that? A sense of anticipation, excitement?  ... for the promise of something new. The one thing your life just wouldn't be the same without. You don't know–in any exact manner, what it is, but you know you want it.  

It's a secret, guarded and only wholly understood by the elite few who conceived it... Of-course, I speak of the almighty iPhone. The new one. The one that will render all the other ones obsolete, and wow us with the next set of revolutionary features. Presumably the iPhone 6 “S”.  

The rumor on the block is that the iPhone 6S is set to outsell the current champion, the iPhone 6. That's an auspicious statement. So, what could possibly make the next iPhone so desirable?

Around this time every year we aggregate a list of rumored features that the next iPhone will likely have. Below we have rounded up the most likely ones:

  • A9 processor with 2GB of RAM (its faster) 

  • 7000 series aluminum (its stronger) 

  • 12MP camera with Improvements  

  • Rose Gold color option (to match your Apple Watch) 

  • Touch ID improvements

UPDATE: (via 9to5 mac) leaked photos of iPhone 6S reveal identical exterior shell to that of current generation. Indicating internal changes. 


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