Here's a glimpse of (what could be) the future of film.

Virtual reality is primarily known for it's affinity towards games. It's been raved as the ultimate gaming experience, and it's not hard to figure out why... An all-inclusive experience leveraged by your favorite RPG, admittedly, sounds like a good time. 

But what if we took that very same technology and applied it toward something more simple like say,  storytelling. Yes, I'm talking about films.

Jaunt, a VR video company seeks to do just that. Enter the Neo.

A 360-degree camera that focuses on converting the real world into virtual reality. Jaunt certainly isn't the first company to produce such a device, but it might be the first one in the high-end market. Reportedly, Jaunt's camera will be "produced at low volume" according to CEO Arthur van Hoff, describing the camera as "bespoke" or made to order. 

The reason for the high production costs is likely due to the use of custom parts—which is not uncommon for new products. 

Jaunt's camera will give filmmakers precise control over its' settings and will be able to integrate with editing software like Adobe Premiere.  

Is anyone else excited for the prospect of a Star Wars movie in VR?...

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