Tesla Motors has record quarter.


Earlier today Tesla Motors (TSLA) released it's quarterly figures, reporting that it shipped a record number of cars—to the tune of 11, 507. That's a 52% increase over last year.  

Tesla hopes to deliver 55,000 cars by the end of this year. As of today, Tesla has shipped or delivered 21,537 Model S examples. However, before it can reach a production scale large enough to meet the 55,000 car threshold Tesla needs to release the Model X.


The Model X is Tesla's SUV option largely based on the Model S. The Model X has faced a series of delays, in-part attributted to it's Falcon wings  as they require special installation. The Model X is expected fourth quarter this year. 

Tesla is expected to miss it's annual shipment guidance according to Fortune. Even so, the company seems to be doing well and scaling quickly.  

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