Facebook: One small design change, huge implications.

Hot off the heels of the Supreme Court's decision—Facebook is moving forward on gender equality. 

The social network giant has made a subtle (emphasis on subtle) change to its "friends" icon. The change reflects equality between genders. Whereas before the icon had a male silhouette in front of a smaller—female silhouette; the new icon has the woman in front and the two silhouettes sport the same size. 

It's a small change, but the implications are huge. Facebook has 1.4 billion active users and a change like this one highlights the importance of equality among gender lines. 

As Facebook design manager Caitlin Winner reveals, the change started with wanting to give the lady icon a nicer shoulder.

"The lady icon needed a shoulder, so I drew it in—and so began my many month descent into the rabbit hole of icon design," 

wrote Winner. 

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