..🔬| The revolutionary Lexus hoverboard (not exactly)

One thing that we can say with certainty about the Lexus hoverboard is that it's pretty cool looking—if not beautiful. A few months ago Lexus made a video that went viral, it featured what appeared to be a functioning hoverboard; the internet didn't buy it, after all we've seen plenty of fakes out there—and fool me once...

It turns out however Lexus wasn't pulling our leg after-all, it actually went out and made a fully-functioning hoverboard. Unfortunately the truth about the board is a little disappointing.

Let's start with how it works:

The Lexus hoverboard gets its magic from liquid-nitrogen-cooled superconductors and magnets. It gets a little technical, but you get the idea. Magnets.

In order for the hoverboard to well, "hover" it needs a custom built surface that's embedded with magnets. Lexus built an entire skate park just for the commercial.

So that's how it works (basically). Now for the let down:

This is just a promotional item—you won't see it in stores and you probably wont get to ride it and that is a bummer.

Don't lose hope though because there is at least one company that still has a vision for a consumer hoverboard. Hendo (a product of kickstarter) has been working on its' own version. It needs a copper surface to work, but this is a hoverboard that you could actually try for yourself... one day.

Hit the source link to watch Sam Sheffer from The Verge try out the board in Spain.