..✨| A Change is gonna come.

First and foremost, thank you for being a part of Devious Republic. You're awesome! 


Devious Republic is growing and we're adding new sections to the website so be on the lookout for those. Check out the new 'About' section to find out the direction we're headed. 


The biggest addition will be a 'Video Channel' section. Here I'll be posting all the VLOGS and other video content from Devious Republic. This will probably go live sometime in February. As part of the section you will be able to apply to be a 'Contributor', if you're a content producer wether it be writing, music or video production I encourage you to sign up.  


As a part of the new Devious Republic, we're looking to slowly roll out partnered ads to replace our current ones. This will help load the site faster and provide an overall better experience for users. If you're interested in becoming an advertising partner, you may apply by clicking the form at the bottom of the page. 


The forums have been completely re-done, we're using MUUT forums now and it's great you should sign up!


There are a lot more features coming as we continue to grow, we'll keep you posted as they come out. 

Thanks again!